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School Uniform Policy

Walker Middle Magnet School believes that our uniform policy promotes a positive learning environment and contributes to school spirit and safety.

The Student Uniform shall consist of the following:

“Tops” Only White, Black and Forest Green collared polo shirts shall be worn. White undershirts may be worn underneath, but they must be tucked in. Outerwear such as hoodies, jackets or sweaters must be appropriate; not disruptive or offensive. Outerwear should not cover up the collar of the uniform top and should not be longer than the “bottoms”. Vests and shirts are not allowed as outerwear.

“Bottoms” Only khaki/beige and black pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, capris, and jumpers may be worn. Hemlines shall be no shorter than fingertip length. Recommend 7 inch inseam for bottoms. There should be no rips/holes. No blue jeans are allowed on any day other than special designated days. All “bottoms” must be worn at the waistline and be a solid color without logos and/or prints of any kind. Short shorts, mini-skirts, yoga-style stretch pants, leggings, and sweatpants are not acceptable. On designated “jeans days”, students may wear blue jeans without rips/holes or print design. 

“Shoes” Shoes shall be worn. Skate tennis shoes and bedroom slippers are unacceptable and not allowed.

“Friday Dress” Official Walker spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays with uniform bottoms. Student of the Quarter shirts may be worn with blue jeans.

“PE Uniform” Official Walker t-shirts and shorts must be worn in Physical and Health Education classes.

NOTE CHANGES: The uniform policy was updated July 31, 2022

  • "Tops" CHANGE: Added  the color "Black" and Deleted "Maroon".
  •  Recommend 7 inch inseam for bottoms.

Procedures for non-compliance with Uniform Policy

All staff members will send students who are out of compliance to the front office starting at 7:50 a.m. All teachers will conduct a uniform check at the beginning of the period. Students should be sent to the office immediately when determined by an adult to be out of uniform or questionable. Once changed, the office will hold non-compliant clothes until the end of day. A pass will be given to the student to return to the office during 8th period at 3:15 pm.

Students will sign a “Dress Code Violation Log” and the student will return to class as soon as possible to resume instruction.

Students may be sent back to class even though a uniform change could not be made. Those students will still be assigned a consequence in the office based on the chart below. These students will be sent back to class with a dress code violation note.

1st Instance: Student is sent to the office to change and an administrator calls parents.

2nd - 4th Instance: Student is sent to the office to change, an administrator calls parents and lunch detention is assigned.

5th Instance: Student is sent to the office to change, an administrator calls parents and ISS is assigned.

*This applies to any violation of the dress code policy.

NOTE CHANGES: The uniform procedures were updated July 31, 2022

  • 1st offense is change and admin calls parent
  • 2nd-4th offense is change; admin calls parent and lunch detention
  • 5th offense is change; admin calls parents and ISS

Uniform and Spirit Store Links 

  • The B&B Store will be open on a rolling schedule. Ordering windows are on or about the 1st - 15th of each month. The uniform link shuts down at the end of the ordering window to process the orders for delivery, then it will re-open. 
    • B & B Contact Information: or 813-238-2542 
  • Distribution is expected approximately 2 weeks after the ordering window closes. All orders will be sent to Walker and you will be notified when to pick up. 


  • You are NOT required to purchase a uniform shirt with a logo.
  • You are required to buy PE uniforms with logos. 



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