• 2023-2024

    Program Information

    To register for the HOST Program visit: https://hostportal.sdhc.k12.fl.us

    HOST incorporates the following activities as requested by students: Homework/Tutoring, Outdoor Activities, enrichment activities, computer time, educational movies, or other academic experiences.

    Thanks for your interest in the HOST program! It is a pleasure to serve your children and welcome them into the HOST family.

    Fee Schedule

    Morning Program M-F 7-8:55am: $25 per week.

    Yearly registration fee: $30

    Host Expectations

    Have a positive attitude

    Opt for honesty

    Strive for success


    HOST Student Rules * *

    • Arrive quietly and sit/remain in the assigned area.
    • Follow directions.
    • Look and listen when you hear the attention getter.
    • Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.
    • Use kind words when speaking to others.
    • Stay with your HOST group/group leader.


    **Due to the HOST programs' focus on student safety, failure to follow rules will result in corrective action.

    HOST staff uses positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behavior. Parents will be notified of recurring behavior problems.

    The school principal and/or HOST administrative staff reserves the right to suspend/remove any student from the program for continued disruptive behavior and/or a major discipline offense.

    Students are carefully supervised and released only to authorized persons as indicated on the registration. ALL authorized persons must present photo- identification and SIGN THE STUDENT out on a daily basis.

    Parents will be notified of all medical emergencies. If the parents cannot be reached, staff will take proper action. A student who becomes ill while attending HOST must be immediately picked up by an authorized person.

    HOST programs will make reasonable accommodations in order to serve children with special needs or disabilities.