Point total last updated July 13, 2022

  • CourageCourage

    Courage means you're willing to do difficult things in difficult situations.

    Chant: C-O-U-R-A-G-E, Show me how brave you can be!


  • KindnessKindness

    Kindness means being considerate of others and treating others fairly.

    Chant: Hey! This is the yellow crew. Kindness is what we do! It starts with me, it starts with you. Kindness, kindness, woo woo!


  • Perseverance


    Perseverence means continuing on in your actions, beliefs, or purpose, in spite of failure or difficulty.

    Chant: We can do it! We'll get through it! We're the house of Perseverance!


  • Respect


    Respect means having consideration for the value of others. 

    Chant:Stop and listen, blue house I said! Respect all day! Blue house I say! Respect all day! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Blue house is the house for me!


  • Responsibility


    Responsbility means being reliable at completing your tasks or duties.

    Chant: Responsibility, I say responsibility! We love our house of green, do it for you and do it for me!


  • Integrity


    Integrity means sticking to your priniciples and values, always being honest and truthful.

    Chant: 1-2-3, Integrity! Maroon and white, do what's right!


  • What is the house system?

    At Dover, the World's Best School, every student is placed into a house. This system is similar to the house system in Harry Potter, but without the sorting hat! Our houses are based on our six core values. Students in every class represent one of these six houses, as well as our faculty. Students (and faculty) earn points for their house for accomplishing their goals and performing good deeds. Ask your student the first week of school which house they're in, and check back to see the point standing!

  • Image

    Dragon Cup

    The annual points winner will earn the Dragon Cup and have their House name added to its side.

    2021-2022 Dragon Cup Winner: Kindness

    2022-2023 Dragon Cup Winner: Perseverance