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    2020 - 2021

    Wharton High School Girl's Golf
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    Coaching Staff

    Head Coach

    Sean Newborn



    Team Manager



    Paityn Arroyo            
    Rory Boulle
    Sabrina Valencia
    Andi Boknevitz
    Hailey Lopez 
    Kassidy Russell 

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    Coaches Profile

    Sean Newborn has been at Wharton High School since 2014 and coaching Girls Golf since the 2017-2018 season. He played multiple sports in high school, including baseball, golf, and indoor track. He has been the Reading Coach at Wharton since 2016, and also taught Reading. He previously coached high school baseball in Northern Virginia, where he taught English for seven years at Stonewall Jackson High School (currently Unity Reed HS). Coach Newborn lives in the community with his wife and son, who graduated from Wharton in 2018 and is currently a junior at the University of Florida studying Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science. Coach enjoys fitness, RV camping, and plays in a competitive adult baseball league in Clearwater.

    Team Statistics & Highlights

    Sabrina Valencia, All-Conference 1st Team, Regional Qualifier

    Kassidy Russell, All-Conference 2nd Team, Regional Qualifier  


    Past Team Statistics and Highlights

    2020 - 2 All-Conference selections and Regional Qualifiers
    2019 - Emma Leonard All Conference selection, Emma Leonard, Paityn Arroyo Regional Qualifiers
    2018 - Team Regional Qualifier, Emma Leonard All Conference selection


    = Won
    = Lost
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