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    Paul R. Wharton High School (also known as Wharton) is a public high school located on Bruce B. Downs Boulevard in New Tampa, Florida. Wharton High School opened on August 21, 1997. The facility was dedicated to Mr. Paul R. Wharton, who served the Hillsborough County school system for 38 years.  MrWharton moved to Tampa in 1946 and started working for the Hillsborough County School system. His first position was to organize veteran’s educational programs at Brewster Vocational Technical Institute of which he became principal in 1947.Mr. Paul R. Wharton After a great deal of success in establishing innovative programs such as the first nursing educational program at Brewster, Wharton was once again honored to establish and serve as the principal of a new high school, Robinson High School. Afterwards, MrWharton was transferred to H.B. Plant High School where he successfully served as principal until 1966. He was then promoted to the Hillsborough County Administrative Office where he served as Assistant Superintendent of Administration & Operations. He served in this capacity until his partial retirement in1985.