Wharton High School Newspaper

  • Blue & White Staff

    Front row~ 
    Amanda Toschi Editor-In-Chief  
    Laura Novello Advisor  
    Emily Toso Editor-In-Chief
    Second Row~ 
    Anabel Hjellen Editorial Editor/Public Relations  
    Daniella Avila News Editor  
    Sarah Gangaram Education Editor/Public Relations
    Third Row~ 
    Ellanee Kight
    Sports Editor/Chief of Photography  
    Shirley Hynes PodCats Editor  
    Ella Moody Entertainment Editor
    Fourth Row~ 
    Ryan Allmand
    Staff Writer  
    Sofia Manzanares Staff Writer  
    Sage Anderson Staff Writer
    Fifth Row~ 
    Sandy Knowles Staff Writer  
    Adrian Khan Staff Writer  
    Leonardo Camargo Staff Writer
    Sixth Row~ 
    Lisset Martinez Staff Writer  
    Bianca Nicolas Staff Writer  
    Denitxa Ramirez Illustrator
    Seventh Row~ 
    Chase Anello
    Staff Writer  
    Kendall Alt Staff Writer  
    Olivia Briggs Staff Writer
    Eighth Row~ 
    Casey GrayPodCats Staff  
    Maysa Adechoubou PodCats Staff  
    Mary Bressani Staff Writer
    Not Pictured~ 
    Kevin Nguyen Staff Writer

Wharton Hogh School Blue and White Newspaper
  • The newspaper informs students about events, influences its readers through responsible editorials and entertains through features. As an established open forum for the student body, truth is the staff ’s major goal. These goals are achieved through thorough and responsible reporting. Editorials reflect the views of the staff and do not represent the views of the school board, administrators, faculty or the student body of Wharton High School. All by-lined articles and artwork reflect the opinions of the writers and artists. To contact the newspaper for any questions or concerns, email Laura.Novello@hcps.net. The Blue&White encourages letters which constitute a constructive avenue for all opinions. These letters must be signed. The staff reserves the right to edit letters for poor taste, space, libel and grammar. These changes will not affect the content or meaning behind the story. Ad rates are available by emailing Laura.Novello@hcps.net.  Advertising which promotes illegal products labeled by Florida law, opposes any religion, is written in bad taste, includes racial comments or which includes false statements will not be accepted. The Editorial Board has the right to refuse any such ad.
Last Modified on October 11, 2023