Phone: (813) 671-5011
    Fax: (813) 671-5012

    Student Hours: 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

    Uniforms: No Uniforms

    Before School Program: No
    After School Program: No

    Bell Schedules: 2023-2024 Bell Schedule

Mission Statement

  • It is the mission of Riverview High School to prepare all students for a dynamic and diverse society by building knowledge, skills, and character.

Vision Statement

  • It is the vision of Riverview High School to develop life-long learners who value themselves and others, contribute to their community, and are productive citizens in our dynamic society.

Three 'A's

  • ATTENDANCE  Come to school every day.
    ACADEMICS  Rigorous academic courses will assist you in preparation for your adult life.
    ATTITUDE  Have a good attitude. Respect each other and care for each other.

School History

  • This story begins in the last millennium! That's right, it was way back in February 1996 when the Hillsborough County School Board purchased eighty acres on the southeast corner of Boyette and Balm Riverview Roads as the location for its newest high school. Nearly one year later, in January 1997, the district broke ground and began construction.

    On December 9, 1997, many local residents attended a school board meeting and voiced their conviction that this new school should be named for its home community. Riverview High School was born.

    Mr. J. Vince Thompson was appointed as Riverview High School's first principal on January 20, 1998. That February, Mr. Thompson held meetings with future students to discuss block class scheduling and the school's identity. They decided upon school colors of black, royal blue and silver--the latter inspired by Riverview's new mascot--the shark! The school board approved the mascot and colors on March 17th.

    In August 1998, Riverview High School opened its doors to the inaugural class--setting the foundation for a legacy of academic, athletic and artistic excellence that continues to this day.

School Crest

  • Riverview Crest The Riverview High School crest displays our core values for success: learning, unity, loyalty and integrity.