• Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

    Applied Technical Diploma (ATD)

  • Our next EMT class will start in January 2024.


    Please visit our website on October 15, 2023, which is when our next EMT application period will begin.  Admissions information, steps to register, and all required documents for the January 2024 class will be available on October 15. The admissions checklist on our website is for informational purposes only.


    Email questions to:  rafael.corsibracetti@hcps.net or dina.chaviano@hcps.net   




  • About the EMT Program

    This program prepares students for employment as emergency medical technicians. Using interactive education (including classroom presentations, skills practice, and actual patient contact at area hospitals and local ambulance services), students learn how to provide pre-hospital basic life support for people who are sick or injured. Students learn how to treat various medical/trauma conditions using appropriate equipment and materials.

    Examples of topics covered: patient assessment, airway management, cardiac arrest, bleeding and shock, traumatic injuries, poisoning, heart attack, stroke, patients with abnormal behavior, alcohol and drug abuse, emergency childbirth, burns, environmental hazards, communications, reporting, extrication and transportation of patients.

    EMT training is science-oriented, medical-related, and very academically rigorous. The 1,286-page textbook requires high level reading and comprehension skills. Students should have a solid academic background and be prepared to spend many hours outside of class studying. Working full-time is not recommended while enrolled in the EMT program.

    Upon successful completion of this Applied Technology Diploma (ATD) program, graduates enrolling in a Florida Community/State College may be eligible to receive 12 college transfer credits.

    Program Change

    The EMT program is offered through Hillsborough County Public Schools. The EMT program, previously operated under Learey Technical College, is now operated under Aparicio-Levy Technical College.

    Nothing has changed, except the title of the college operating the program.

    Program Length

    300 clock hours or about 5 months

    Class Schedule

    Three classes are offered each semester.

    Fall semester: August – December

    Spring semester: January – June

    • Monday/Wednesday DAY class meets Monday and Wednesday from 8:15 am to 4:30 pm at Aparicio-Levy Technical College
    • Tuesday/Thursday DAY class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:45 pm at Erwin Technical College
    • NIGHT class meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:30 to 9:30 pm at Erwin Technical College

    January 2024 Program Costs

    $ 1,900 *

    *subject to change

    EMT Program Fee Sheets

    Registration Requirements

    Since this program has a clinical component that requires students to work with patients in real-world hospital and ambulance services, additional requirements apply.

    In addition to a high school diploma, students must complete and pass a physical exam, monitored background check/fingerprinting, and drug screening. Health insurance is also required.

    For more information on the admissions requirements, read the EMT Admissions Checklist.

    When registration opens:

    • Print and read the Admissions Checklist for requirements. Open all links and print out ALL flyers and forms. Some links have multiple pages.
    • Book your registration appointment by following the instructions on the class registration page.
    • Gather all the items listed on the Admissions Checklist and bring them to your registration appointment.

    Seats are filled on a first-come basis by those submitting ALL required documents (see Admissions Checklist).

    NO partial paperwork will be accepted, and no seats can be held.

    Common reasons students are turned away from Registration are: failure to bring ALL required documents (such as proof of residency proof, health insurance card), incomplete physical form (doctor didn’t sign in two places, TB test was not “read”, Flu Shot lot number and expiration date were missing), failure to bring full payment, etc.

    Drug Testing

    Students will not be able to participate in clinical rotations unless their drug test(s) prove they are clear of any chemical/drug impairment. Our affiliation agreements require students to be held to the same standards as the healthcare professionals employed at the clinical facilities. It is not legal for healthcare professionals to be under the influence of any drug/chemical while practicing or participating in the care of others.


    To become Florida & NREMT-certified Emergency Medical Technicians, graduates must pass the National Registry of EMTs exam. For more information about obtaining a Florida EMT license, visit the Florida Department of Health website. For more information about obtaining NREM certification, visit the NREMT website.

    Florida Department of Education Curriculum Frameworks for EMT


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