• Baseball

    Baseball is a sport that began in the eastern United States in the 1800s. It became known as the "national pastime," a game that millions of people continue to enjoy each spring and summer.

    Benefits of Playing Basball:

    • Good For a Child’s Health
    • Help Them Improve Their Coordination
    • Teach Them about Working with a Team
    • Make Friends/Comrades
    • Show Them the Value of Good Sportsmanship
    • It Will Be, Above All Else, Fun

    The Baseball team will be having their 2024 spring season tryouts on January 22-24.

    All Athletic papers must be completed and approved before tryouts.

    All athletes must complete an AP packet – including EL3, PCA consent, EL2 physical, 2 medical release cards, media release, payment of fines agreement, PCA, Concussion, Sudden Cardiac Arrest & Heat Illness Prevention videos, proof of residency, and purchase insurance prior to participation. All paperwork MUST be completed online.


     Baseball Coach:  

    Coach: Mike Armstrong (off campus)

    Email: miarm23@yahoo.com