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    Hillsborough County STEM Hub 4

    includes the following schools:

    • Elementary Schools: Limona, Schmidt, & Yates
    • Middle Schools: Dowdell & Mann
    • High Schools: Brandon


    What is a STEM Innovation Hub?

    A STEM Innovation Hub is a group of schools in a geographically identifiable pattern inclusive of all grade level bands (elementary, middle, and high) that learn together through shared practices, goals, and vision for STEM education. The stronger the bond between schools, the better the outcome for students.

    • Through a collaborative approach between schools, the central district office, and Community Partners of the Tampa Bay STEM Network (TBSN), the “STEM Innovation Hub” concept will allow for schools to take advantage of district and community resources through the Tampa Bay STEM Network to positively impact culture within a school, collaboration across schools, STEM/innovative identity, and, ultimately, student achievement in all subject areas.


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    What is STEM ?

    STEM is much more than an acronym for the four subject areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM education is a transformative approach to traditional teaching and learning that fosters creativity and innovative thinking in all students. Not only does STEM education make school more engaging, but it also builds skills required for college, career, and the 21st century.

    • An integrated STEM approach teaches students not to think in a silo, but shows them that problem-solving skills and critical thinking are necessary across all disciplines. Through STEM integration we are developing a workforce able to compete and succeed in the current and emerging global economy.


    STEM education is one of the most effective tools we have to prepare students for tomorrow’s workforce and success in college and career. At its foundation, STEM is focused on building critical and creative thinking and analysis skills by addressing how students view and experience the world around them. Strong STEM teaching and learning opportunities rest on inquiry, technology, and project-based learning activities and lessons that are tied to the real world. It is a diverse, interdisciplinary curriculum where activities in one class complement those in other classes. In the STEM classroom, robust partnerships reach beyond the walls of the school to include higher education and business partners in real-world lessons.

Upcoming Events

  • Do you know about a local STEM activity that our STEM Hub schools would be interested in participating? Send the information to Dawnelle Stafford.

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