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  • SLAM Showcase

    SSYRA Grades 6-8

    Poettry Jam

    Digital Citizenship


About the Media Center

  • Hours: 8:15 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.


    • Media Center includes a full computer lab, Maker Space, reading circle, games, and over 6,500 books. 
    • Students may come to the Media Center on a pass from a teacher at any time.  
    • Students may check out up to 2 books at once and may borrow a total of 4 books. 
    • Students are expected to display 360 degrees of RESPECT while in the Media Center. 
    • Wednesday is Library Lunch. Students MUST purchase a pass before Homeroom for $5 Dowdell Dollars. 
    • Lost books are $5 or 2 lunch periods of work for repayment. 

    Liz Hawley, Media Specialist 


  • Virtual LIbrary & Catalog

    Download Axis 360 ebooks Grades 6-8