Environmental Studies and Animal Science

  • Dowdell’s Environmental Studies program has been well established in the Magnet Community for years and will will be adding the Animal Sciences program in 2021! These programs will provide an interdisciplinary, learner-centered approach to engaging students in their learning as never before! Classrooms across the campus will infuse their learning with Environmental Studies and Animal Sciences while also engaging students through Dowdell’s unique and engaging electives, clubs and after school programs.

  • Unique electives found in Dowdell Middle Magnet’s Program are:

    • High school credit courses in areas such as Agriculture and Agriculture Communication and Marketing
    • Outdoor Education Areas where students gain valuable hands-on experience
    • Environmental projects and research on campus
    • Animal Sciences career awareness (such as in Veterinary Science) with partners from around Tampa Bay
Dowdell science lab
Dowdell mural
Dowdell computers