• Curriculum Areas

    Middle School Art education is made up of more than paint, markers, and clay. Based on the Florida Standards, certified art teachers implement a balanced and sequential curriculum considering the developmental, social, and psychological needs of students.
    Career and Technical Education (Electives)
    Career and Technical Education (CTE) includes middle and high school students taking courses in one of 17 career clusters. These courses are part of an overall program of study designed to prepare students to be successful in a rapidly changing workforce and equip them to make informed decisions about future college and career pathways.
    English Language Arts
    Middle school language arts provides students with essential skills to prepare them for life outside the classroom setting. Literacy instruction fosters critical thinking and helps students develop into lifelong writers, readers, and effective communicators.
    English Language Learners
    Gifted K-12
    The K-12 Gifted Department provides support to district school personnel and the community in matters related to gifted and high-achieving students. The goal of the gifted department is to provide information and assistance to individuals and schools as they endeavor to meet the needs of gifted students who attend HCPS.
    Middle school mathematics provides students with essential skills to prepare them for life outside the classroom setting. Mathematics instruction involves helping students learn important topics and skills with lasting understanding and proficiency through balancing the teaching of computation, conceptual understanding, and problem solving in a classroom centered around student engagement and discussion on rich mathematical tasks.
    Nature's Classroom
    Nature’s Classroom is located in Northeast Hillsborough County on 365 acres provided by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). The Hillsborough River Watershed Field Study Program for 6th graders is the main focus of the programming at Nature’s Classroom.
    Physical Education
    Physical Education is an essential component of the total educational experience for all middle school age children.
    Our curriculum is defined by Language Arts Florida Standards whereas the Florida Standards Assessment determines students’ literacy proficiency.
    Middle school science ensures that all students have opportunities to explore and understand the natural world so they can develop a clearer perspective of who they are and their role they will play as informed, scientifically proficient citizens.
    Social Studies
    The purpose of Middle School Social Studies is for students to construct their knowledge of the past and present to function as literate, aware and productive citizens.
    World Languages
    The World Languages program is committed to preparing students in becoming responsible global citizens. This is accomplished by the implementation of a curriculum that deepens a student’s cultural awareness and an increased level of language proficiency.