7th Grade Immunization Requirements

7th Grade Immunization Requirements

To enter the 7th grade in Florida schools, updated immunization documentation is required BEFORE entry on the first day. You can see your child's pediatrician for copies of the appropriate Florida Department of Health form or visit a Back 2 School Health Clinic at www.back2schoolhealthclinic.org.

Updated immunizations can be sent via email to our school nurse at michelle.hinson-williams@hcps.net or faxed to us at 813-233-2337. Please see the state requirements below.

Students entering seventh grade must submit an updated immunization record with a Tdap. All students from seventh through twelfth grade immunization record must that the student has met the minimal state requirements:

  • 5 doses DTaP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis)
  • 4 doses Polio (IPV or OPV)
  • 2 doses MMR< (measles-mumps-rubella)
  • 3 doses Hepatitis B
  • 1 dose Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis)*
  • 2 doses Varicella (chickenpox) or has had the disease as documented by a healthcare provider**

*Note: 1 dose Tdap (tetanus- diphtheria- pertussis) for seventh grade is required. An updated DH 680 form to include Tdap must be obtained for submission to the school.

**Varicella vaccine is not required if Varicella disease is documented (the year the child had the disease must be included) by a Licensed Physician, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.