Phone: (813) 233-2333
    Fax: (813) 233-2337

    Student Hours: 8:00 AM to 2:50 PM

    Uniforms: Mandatory Uniforms

    Before School Program: Yes
    After School Program: Yes




    Welcome Mateys


    Arrrrrr you ready to hear the tale of the Rampello Pirates?


    We started out as just a weee little school at a church in Downtown Tampa for familes who worked in the area.  As our downtown began to thrive, shiver me timbers, we realized we needed a bigger space.   In 2007 we commandered a building across from the School Board and it became Rampello K-8 Downtown Partnership School.  Blimey, our students tend to stay at our school from polywogs to full fledges ship mates.  We have a wide varitey of cutures coming together in this unique setting.  From school district employees, downtown residents, magnet students and Militay families, we have a great culture.  Our Magnet theme is Humanities, and the location lends itself to this, because students can walk to museums, history centers and government buildings.  We have a strong music program, and we are an AVID school.  AVID is Advancement Via Individual Determination, and our Mateys are planning for their future today.  Our middle school is small and intimate.  Students come back to visit us and tell us their success stories.  Some even come back to teach and substitute here.