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  • SLAM Showcase

    SSYRA Grades 6-8

    Poettry Jam

    Digital Citizenship


About the Media Center

  •  Merle Supple, Media Specialist
    813-558-1190 ext. 241

    Hours of Operation

    Mondays (9:10 - 3:30)
    Tuesdays - Fridays (9:10 - 4:30)

    Students have access to the Media Center for reading, studying, research, checking out/returning books, Makerspace, etc.:

    • Before School
    • There are a limited number of passes available during lunch for students who finish eating early
    • Whole-class visits scheduled by their teacher
    • During Class with a pass from a teacher

    Book Checkouts:  2 books for 2 weeks
    Lost/Damaged book replacement fee:  $10.00

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  • Virtual LIbrary & Catalog

    Download Axis 360 ebooks Grades 6-8