• Donations to the RHS Booster Club allow the Boosters to support our teams in purchasing additional equipment, uniforms, trophies, team meals, and more. You may donate toward a specific team at any time throughout the year. Please contact your team’s head coach if you would like to make a team-specific donation. 

    Donation to the RHS Booster Club’s General Fund provides you with the opportunity to purchase a District Adult Season Pass for admissions to any Hillsborough County Public School hosted, regular season event. Invitationals and playoff games are excluded from this pass, as are games played at schools outside of HCPS. 

    A single Booster Club membership is $30. Each membership purchased will entitle you to one pass code, which will be emailed by Miss Morman once your membership has been processed. Along with your code, you will receive the instructions on how to purchase your Adult Season Pass on the District Athletics site.  

    Please submit your $30 payment via cash or check, clearly marked with your name and email address,  to the main office ATTN: MORMAN/BOOSTER.