• Welcome to Robinson High School's MacDill Aeronautical Academy (MAA)

    Aerospace Technology Elective

      • A UNIQUE high school elective in the county 

      • Several reasons to have an aerospace-oriented elective in Florida; great flying weather, space industry at Cape Kennedy; many aerospace manufacturers throughout the state 

    Aerospace classroom

    • How many of you have wondered HOW to fly an airplane or WHY a satellite remains in space? 

      • In Aerospace Technology, you’ll learn that and much more about aviation and space
      • The course covers some history of aerospace 

      • Several hands-on projects like balloons, kites, gliders, balsa airplanes, satellites, space stations and more 

      • Not much homework; most is in class and we use the web for most of the work 

      • And, last but not least, we have FLYING FRIDAYS when we learn something new about flying and everyone flies Microsoft Flight Simulator, sometimes solo and sometimes in Multiplayer 

      • Field trips to many aerospace companies/airports/airshows

    Aerospace students on a field trip

    • Last two years of the program, you become an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach) university student; take dual-enrollment courses; two classes per semester for 3 college credits each – total of 12 college credits over 2 years - FREE!

      • CAN take this elective along with the IB program; every year there are more and more IB students entering Aerospace from their freshman year and remaining for the full four years.   

      • About 30% IB students and 30% females of total students 

      • DEFINITELY worth giving up some study hall for 

      • CAN incorporate our issues into the IB curriculum; one senior IB student did his Extended Essay on Space Colony shielding 

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