What’s Unique about Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet?

  • Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet embraces all students and their diverse backgrounds, providing opportunities for every student to reach their full potential while exploring cultural differences. 

    Morning Mile:

    Tampa Heights is the ONLY school in Hillsborough County that participates in the Morning Mile Wellness program. This before school walking/running program is designed to let students begin each day in an active, healthy and fun way. For every 5 miles, students will earn charms to be placed on their Morning Mile necklace. This is truly a well-loved program at Lee.

    Cultural and Language Experiences:

    Students, grades K – 5, participate twice yearly in Cultural Connections Clusters (CCC). These are 6-week units of study, where teachers share their knowledge and passion about subjects connected to our 7 Wonders. Students have a choice in which CCC they wish to attend. Additionally, partnerships with Hillsborough Community College, University of Tampa, Tampa Heights’s PTA, and other local businesses bring cultural experiences to our students each quarter.

    Global Elementary Model United Nations (GEMUN):

    Students, grades 4 and 5, have an opportunity to identify real world problems among countries of the world and collaborate to find solutions to make our world a better place in which to live. Students acquire writing, public speaking and presentation skills in preparing and delivering positon papers and resolutions.

    Organic Gardens and Butterfly Garden:

    Tampa Heights offers to students many gardens to enjoy! All students experience hands-on organic gardening and cultivation as they study Life Science. Students grow Florida-friendly herbs, fruits and vegetables and create a habitat for butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. Students may also enjoy our Butterfly Garden.

    Gifted and Talent Development:

    Gifted services with gifted-endorsed professionals as well as differentiation within the classroom setting are evident at Tampa Heights. Project-based and problem-based learning activities, as well as are included in the gifted curriculum. This year, our gifted population will be addressing their goals through virtual classes. Additionally, students participate in field trips each semester, chosen to add depth and complexity to their topic of study.

    2nd Language Acquisition:

    Tampa Heights’ 2nd language acquisition program (School Duolingo) gives Tampa Heights’ students a choice of many languages to study and become fluent. All students have an account which can be accessed from school or home.  Additionally, Tampa Heights Magnet will have a mobile world language center and morning club.


    Tampa Heights is a 1 to 1 school, has school-wide wireless, computer and research mobile laptop carts, a video production center, robotics, and an art and design maker space.

    7 Wonders of Tampa Heights Integration:

    The 7 Wonders of Tampa Heights (Leadership, Economics, Advocacy, Diversity, Environment, Reflection and STEAM) are overlying themes which are integrated into all segments of the curriculum. Opportunities to practice these life-skills are incorporated in every classroom and special programs throughout the school year.

    Navigation Consultants Program:

    Leadership qualities, commitment, and a love of Tampa Heights Magnet is all that’s needed here for students in grades 4 and 5 to participate in representing our school to prospective families. Navigation Consultants attend marketing functions and are given leadership opportunities at all school-based events.

    Executive Green Team:

    Students in all grades are given the opportunity to create and maintain an active recycling program during the school year. Additionally, this cadre of students will plan and execute a school-wide service learning initiative to celebrate Earth Day at Tampa Heights. Students at all grade levels are given the opportunity to become a “Green Team” member, whose responsibilities are assisting with the recycling program at Tampa Heights Magnet.

    Safety Patrol, Peer Mediators, and Morning Show:

    5th grade students may participate in three school-wide initiatives, Safety Patrol, Peer Mediators, and Morning Show Correspondents, which hone leadership and communication skills. Upcoming 4th grade students will apply, be chosen, and train for these worthwhile roles for the upcoming year.

    Tampa Heights Quote Finders:

    Students in 3rd - 5th grade, who share a love of reading and finding quotations from famous people around the world, both past and present, choose age-appropriate quotations to share with other children.

    Tampa Heights Gazette Team:

    1st – 5th grade students who are chosen for this team work each month to create a fact-filled student-written page for our Tampa Heights Newsletter. Students will interview, take photos, and write news worthy articles for our student population. Gazette students will also work with a prominent Tampa Times writer in a mentorship program and visit the Tampa Times operations plant or other media facility in an end-of-year field trip.

    Violin, Guitar, African Drum Ensemble, Chorus, and Tampa Heights Songwriters:

    Tampa Heights Magnet offers a plethora of music opportunities for all students in every grade level. In addition to the regular music curriculum, chorus and violin are offered to every student at Tampa Heights.  Intermediate students also may participate in guitar, African Drum ensemble, and Tampa Heights Songwriters.

    CulturaLEE Dance Troupe:

    Tampa Heights Magnet prides itself in its CulturaLEE Dance Troupe, a group of boys and girls who learn and perform dances from around the world at our special events.

    On-Site Reading, Writing and Math Coaches:

    Our on-site Reading, Writing and Math coaches work with teachers and students to provide daily whole-group and small group lessons, where reading, writing and math strategies are emphasized and valued.

    Leadership Enterprise:

    5th grade students experience one Leadership Enterprise per quarter, where community partners are invited to speak about their professions and how they achieved, goal setting, networking, and leadership qualities it takes to succeed. Students also receive etiquette training and dress in business attire for these one-day sessions.

    International Bazaar and Bazaar “Worlds”:

    Students at Tampa Heights have daily opportunities to “go above and beyond and do the right thing” to earn Bazaar “Worlds.” This unique money system allows for children to understand economics and learn about famous landmarks from around the world as they collect their Bazaar “Worlds.”  Monthly, children may exchange their “Worlds” for items in the International Bazaar. All students carry a hand-made duct tape wallet to house their “Worlds.”

    International E-Pals/Skype:

    Students at Tampa Heights Magnet correspond with other students from around the world using technology to encourage understanding and tolerance of international cultures and to collaborate on real-world problem-solving.

    Storytelling around the World Festival:

    During the Fall season, Tampa Heights students and their families enjoy an evening of storytelling from around the world. The evening is packed full of reading experiences including a Kindergarten Nursery Rhyme Showcase, a Storybook Character Pumpkin-decorating Contest, a Storybook Character Costume Parade, and lots of faculty-shared multi-cultural tales. Tampa Heights also partners with an area Story-teller who tells international stories with all classes twice yearly.

    Morning Show Weekly Cultural Spotlights:

    Each Monday, grade levels highlight a country on the Morning Show for these 2-Minute Spotlights. Students share cultural information, art, stories, videos, songs, and much more from their highlighted country.

    UNPACK (Understanding Nations, People, and Cultures Kits):

    Tampa Heights students study the continents of our world as follows:
    North America (K) South America (1st) Australia (2nd) Africa (3rd) Asia (4th) Europe (5th)

    Tampa Heights’s UNPACK are old-world suitcases which house nonfiction texts about countries from each of the continents and activities encouraging research and writing. Also included are maps, recipes, and videos which teachers may use.

    Taste of Tampa Heights:

    Each year, our entire school participates in an afterschool event, Taste of Tampa Heights, set up on our beautiful school grounds. Community members and business partners help to supply entertainment and students showcase all they’ve learned throughout the year about their grade-level country of study. Family tables are arranged to share cultures and heritage, and everyone enjoys a feast of multi-cultural fare, which our families supply. It is a night worth waiting worth!

    HOST Before and After School Care:

    Tampa Heights Magnet maintains a school-year morning and afterschool program, HOST, which affords parents an opportunity for their child/children to have access to professional care. HOST students complete homework, enjoy snacks, daily exercise and coordinated activities before and after the regular school day.

    Theme Integration Teacher Planning:

    Beginning in summer, our teachers receive two days of training specific to theme integration. Teachers complete a monthly integration plan, which includes community and business partner speakers, field trips, and special programs integrating their country of study and our 7 Wonders of Tampa Heights. Our parent population is also tapped as a resource for cultural integration as well as local universities and businesses.

    Five-Star School:

    Tampa Heights has been acknowledged as a Florida Department of Education Five-Star School, the highest award for community involvement and service to children and families, for the past 19 years.

    MSA Award of Excellence:

    The MSA Award of Excellence and Distinction are national awards from the National Magnet Schools of America. Tampa Heights has been awarded the MSA because of its impact and commitment to excellence through academics and theme integration. Tampa Heights is the ONLY elementary magnet school in Hillsborough County awarded these honors in consecutive years since 2004.

    Nationally Certified School:

    Tampa Heights Magnet has earned the distinction of being one of only five elementary schools in Hillsborough County and one of fifty-five schools nationwide to be named a Nationally Certified Magnet School.