photo of Tampa Heights students


    Assistant Principal: Christine Redfearn

    Magnet Lead: Mellanie Madrigal

    Phone: (813) 276-5405
    Fax: (813) 272-3228

    Student Hours: 8:45 AM to 3:00 PM

    Uniforms: Mandatory Uniforms

    Before & After School Program: Yes

Mission Statement

  • At Tampa Heights Magnet, our mission is to develop a diverse culture where every child will succeed.

    *We will empower our students to be global leaders who will discover their place in the world and positively affect it by being reflective learners, compassionate communicators, innovators, and charitable contributors.

Vision Statement

  • Our vision is that we will be an “A” school.

    * Our students will become lifelong learners, achieving global success by understanding and valuing our world and its inhabitants.

Diversity Statement

  • Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet embraces all students and their diverse backgrounds, providing opportunities for every student to reach their full potential while exploring cultural differences.

School History

  • Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School of World Studies and Technology is a historic Title 1 Magnet School. The school was built in 1906 by volunteers from the surrounding neighborhood and was originally named Michigan Avenue Grammar School. In 1943, when the street was renamed Columbus Drive, the school became Robert E. Lee Elementary. The school originally housed grade K-6, later becoming a sixth grade center with a Kindergarten. It became the first elementary magnet school in Hillsborough County when it was converted into a School of Technology in 1993. In keeping with the changing times, the school gained an additional focus on World Studies in 2008. The school now serves a diverse population of 310 students in grades K-5. Although the school building is over 100 years old, it strives to provide the latest technology to its students and has maintained its status as a front runner in educational innovation since becoming a magnet school.

    On September 12, 2017, the Tampa Heights community experienced a major power outage due to Hurricane Irma. Upon restoring power, Lee Elementary Magnet School was destroyed by a fire. However, thanks to the School District of Hillsborough County, the entire student body and staff have been relocated, as a whole, to the grounds of Lockhart Elementary Magnet until reconstruction of the new school on its original site.

    On October 16, 2018, the School Board voted to rebuild the school, after the district negotiated full payment for the building from its insurance companies. Shortly after, the community sent in their name recommendations for the rebuilt school, and on November 15, 2018 the Hillsborough County School Board voted to select Tampa Heights Elementary as the new name of Lee Elementary. Close to 100 names were submitted by the community for consideration.

    The Construction Manager—JE Dunn Construction—and the Design Professional—Fleischman Garcia & Planners selected to work on the rebuild are now working with the insurance companies to finalize the design that will integrate the school’s historic façade with the elements of a modern school inside. The designers and district will continue to seek input from families and staff on what the school will ultimately look like.

    At Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School teachers use a variety of instructional technology to infuse our authentic World Studies theme to create an environment that fosters the highest levels of social, emotional, and intellectual development. To support the World Studies theme, each grade level focuses on a different continent of study throughout the school year. The magnet program creates a community of global learners who embrace cultural diversity and make real world connections to their learning – while acquiring a unique global perspective!

    The school’s Seven Wonders: Leadership, Innovation, Economics, Environment, Wellness, Communication and Culture are a platform which allows students to build relationships and community, thereby increasing tolerance and empathy. Tampa Heights Elementary Magnet School offers a multitude of opportunities for students to grow holistically in anticipation of students becoming future leaders in our world.