Athletics at Martinez

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    Sport                                 Season                    Coach                                Coach’s E-mail


    Basketball                         Early Fall                 Coach Moffitt (Boys) 

                                               (Aug-Oct)                 Coach Mountain (Girls)


    Volleyball                          Fall                           Coach Moffitt (Both)  

                                               (Nov-Dec)                Coach Norlem (Both)


    Track                                 Late Fall                   Coach Mility (Both)   

                                               (Nov-Dec)                Coach Bowman (Both) 


    Soccer                               Winter                      Coach Swanson (Boys)

                                               (Jan-Mar)                 Coach Palumbo (Girls)


    Flag Football                    Early Spring             Coach Moffitt (Both) 

                                               (Mar-May)                Coach Mountain (Both)


    For updated schedules, information, and announcements on athletics at Martinez, join the Martinez Athletics Canvas Course.  If you do not have access to the Canvas Course, email Coach Swanson your student number to be added-

    Athletics Paperwork:

    If you are interested in trying out for after-school athletics at Martinez, you must fill out all the paperwork below BEFORE tryouts. ALL forms below must be submitted digitally to The paperwork can be very time consuming & errors are common. It is highly recommended you submit your paperwork weeks ahead of time so we can ensure all forms are submitted properly before the week of tryouts. If any item is missing or submitted incorrectly, you will not be eligible to tryout. Once all forms are submitted and accepted, you may try out for any sport for that school year. Follow these steps to complete your paperwork:

    1. Create a account for student AND guardian. LINK accounts together. Fill out & digitally sign ALL online forms, then upload all the forms below to PlanetHS.
    2. Get physical on the EL2 Physical Form- Physical Form

    Your student athlete must get a physical prior to the first day of tryouts. The physical must be completed on this form.  Please print this form, bring it to your physician, have the physician fill out, sign, stamp, and date the form. Your physical may not be more than 1 year old. Then you must upload the completed form to

    1. Create an NFHS account for your student-athlete-

    Make sure to create account in the STUDENTS NAME. Do not use parent/guardian name!!

    Then, order the following course videos to your account (they are $0.00)
    - Concussion in Sports 
    - Sudden Cardiac Arrest 
    - Heat Illness Prevention
    WATCH all 3 videos and SAVE all 3 certificates in student-athlete’s name. Upload all 3 certificates to

    1. Purchase Insurance

    To participate in school athletics, you must purchase your student-athlete school insurance (even if you have your own insurance). After printing or saving school insurance card, upload your card along with your government Issued Photo Identification of parent/guardian who is signing the forms for the student-athlete to

    1. Submit all items to PlanetHS- Once you have uploaded the physical, 3 videos, insurance, and government issued I.D. card to, your student-athlete will be all set for tryouts.


    If you have any other questions regarding athletics at Martinez, first check the Martinez Athletics Canvas Page. If all your questions are not answered there, e-mail Athletics Manager, Coach Swanson-