• Arrival:  Arrive at 8:15 - 8:30 AM; Park in the front of the school off Osborne Ave. in a visitor spot, which is located in the 2nd group of parking places on the far side of the Admin Bldg. (if cones are blocking the entrance to the parking lot, drive between the cones-these cones are there to discourage MHS parents from dropping off their student in the Main Office parking lot)
    Come into the Main Office and meet with Mrs. Tonya Floyd, Magnet Lead (or designated staff member)

    Dress:  We do not have uniforms; students follow the HCPS dress code policy (no bare shoulders; shorts/skirts fingertip length; pants secured at the waist)

    Pick Up:  11:30 AM in the Front Office

    Activities:  Your Student will visit two courses for the magnet He/She is MOST interested in choosing.  If your student is deciding between two magnet programs, If the day permits, we will attempt to allow your student to see both core magnet courses.

    If requested, Mrs. Floyd can provide a Shadowing letter from MHS for attendance purposes.

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