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    Student Hours: 8:30 AM to 3:25 PM

    Uniforms: No Uniforms

    Before School Program: No
    After School Program: Yes

Vision Statement

  • Middleton High School students, staff, parents, and the community collaborate to build a culture of learning that maximizes opportunities for students to achieve their highest level of academic success and personal growth beyond the classroom.

Diversity Statement

  • Our STEM school embraces all students and their diverse backgrounds and provides opportunities for every student to be prepared for life.

School History

  • photo of Middleton High School "After 2 years of construction on 53 acres of land, and $46 million, George S. Middleton High School opened in August of 2002. Deemed as Hillsborough's most technologically advanced High School, Middleton's varied and diverse opportunities offer programs for students at every level. The opening of Middleton High School has lifted the spirits of the local community as the original Middleton sits one half mile south, now k

    George S. Middleton, businessman and civic leader, came to Tampa, Florida from South Carolina in the late 1800’s. He worked as postman, helped organize the Tampa Negro Band of Trade, and championed several efforts to improve additional opportunities for children.

    Mr. Middleton later became secretary and treasurer of the Central Life Insurance Company, president of the Negro State Fair Association, and founder of the Tampa Service Club of the Negro YMCA. He and his wife, Margaret, lived at 206 Scott Street. He had no children. Middleton High School was named in his honor on March 17, 1935.

    The Hillsborough County School Board purchased fifty-three acres of land from private owners and local businesses for the purpose of building a new high school. The property is located on the corner of North 22nd Street and Osborne Avenue, in Tampa, Florida. Ground was broken June 30, 2000, and construction began in preparation for the opening of school in August, 2002.

    In 1934, the Hillsborough County School Board named the original Middleton High School after a local African American civic leader, George S. Middleton. Later, in 1971 Middleton High School became Middleton Middle School. Due to many residents and Alumni requesting that the name of the new school in this area represent the Middleton tradition, the School Board voted at a regular meeting on June 6, 2000, to rename the school Middleton High School.

    On January 8, 2002, the new Middleton High School's first principal, Mr. Henry C. Washington, was appointed. Mr. Washington held meetings during the month of February 2002 with students from 29 middle schools and 8 high schools to discuss the opening of the new Middleton High School. The colors maroon and gold were selected in 1934 as the school colors, and the Tiger as the mascot.