• We have a variety of clubs offered at Wilson. If your child is interested in starting a club, he/she must find a teacher to sponsor the club. Then the sponsor will allocate dates and times for the club to meet. We will advertise it and start as soon as we can.

    For additional information, email Mr. Bobo at michael.bobo@hcps.net

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  • Why Define Us

    Why Define Us Why Define Us is a club dedicated to empowering young women in 8th grade. The club is run by Plant High School Juniors and Seniors. The topics discussed include self-confidence, the effects of social media, goal setting, peer pressure, body image and more. You may even ask questions about the transition to high school. Meetings will take place once a month on Fridays at 8:45am. 

    ?s email monica.mirasola@hcps.net or alyson.sobo@hcps.net 

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  • First Priority

    Student-led Christian group open to all students. Students will discuss the teachings of Christ and how to apply them to their lives.  They have ice-breaking activities, read bible verses, and then some kind of activity connected to these. Wednesday mornings 8:30- 9:15 am. 

    ?s email gregory.shafer@hcps.net

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    Prodigy Club

    Thank you for your interest in joining the Wilson Middle School Prodigy Club.  The club will meet on Thursday mornings at 8:15AM. Qualifications for entry into the club is either by application or invitation; students will need to maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher and have exemplary conduct in their classes. The club will focus on Project Based Learning with initiatives associated with Food-Energy-Water Nexus solutions, Ecology and Sustainability. Students will also assist in the fulfillment of grant requirements, field trip planning and Green Team assistance.  We will also experience some natural gardening techniques that are considerate for the environment and some innovative ecoengineering projects that are fun and important for the future of food production. The vegetables and plants that we grow in our gardens will include some unique food security crops that can be a source of nutrition for places in the world that are being severely impacted by climate change, pollution, soil infertility and the limitations of water accessibility.  
    Jerry John Comellas
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  • Future Farmers of America - FFA

    Meet Tuesdays @ 8:15AM


    ?s please email jerry.comellas@hcps.net

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  • Debate Club

    Plant High Debate Club students will be facilitating the club. The students will research different topics and debate those topics during club time. 

    Meets Tuesdays from 4:30 - 5:30PM

    ?s, please email michael.bobo@hcps.net


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