• A student may be withdrawn from the HHB Program for the following reasons: 

    • The doctor recommends return to school 
    • The student is employed; outside activities indicate the student has recovered sufficiently to return to school 
    • The doctor does not renew the medical 
    • Noncompliance with the HHB program policies and procedures 
    • The parent re-enrolls the student in a school  


  • Dismissal occurs only when it is determined that a student is no longer in need of special education.  

    Prior to dismissing a student from all Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs, an IEP team must conduct a reevaluation to determine:  

    • Whether the student continues to be a student with a disability  
    • The educational needs of the student  
    • The present levels of academic achievement and related developmental needs of the student  
    • Whether the student continues to need special education and related services  

    The term “dismissal” is not used for students with disabilities who are continuing with an IEP to receive specialized instructional services in another placement. Rather, this circumstance is considered a change of placement/FAPE.