• The following criteria must be met for a student to be determined eligible for the specially designed Hospitalized/Homebound instruction and related services:  

    licensed physician must certify that the student: 

    • Is expected to be absent from school due to a physical or psychiatric condition for at least fifteen (15) consecutive school days, or the equivalent on the block schedule, or due to a chronic condition, for at least fifteen (15) school days, or the equivalent on a block schedule, which need not run consecutively;
    • Is confined to home or hospital;
    • Will be able to participate in and benefit from an instructional program;
    • Is under medical care for illness or injury which is acute, catastrophic, or chronic in nature; and
      • Can receive instructional services without endangering the health and safety of the instructor or other students with whom the instructor may come in contact.
      • Student is enrolled in a public school prior to the referral for the homebound or hospitalized program, unless the student meets criteria for eligibility in another ESE disability area.
      • A parent, guardian or primary caregiver signs parental agreement concerning homebound or hospitalized policies and parental cooperation.