Phone: (813) 356-1760
    Fax: (813) 356-1764

    Student Hours: 8:45 AM to 3:00 PM

    Uniforms: Mandatory Uniforms

    Before School Program: Yes
    After School Program: Yes

Mission Statement

  • students in field of flowers We prepare students to meet the challenges of world citizenship with confidence, imagination, and integrity. Though the study of global cultures and people, we cultivate in each student the desire to grow in wisdom, to nurture an open and curious mind and to serve others with a generous spirit.

Vision Statement

  • international students The school’s vision is to create an advanced elementary program where students become aware of the shared humanity that binds all people together and develop respect for the variety of cultures and attitudes that adds to the richness of life.

School History

  • photo of Hugh C. MacFarlane Hugh C. MacFarlane (1851-1935), in 1865, saw tremendous potential in Tampa's economic growth. He saw real estate transactions as the fastest way to acquire great wealth. MacFarlane purchased and platted 200 acres of land just west of the Hillsborough River for development.

    In 1926, land donated by MacFarlane became West Tampa Elementary the first elementary school to serve cigar makers’ children. Today, the exterior of MacFarlane Park is a simple white canvas with artifacts from the original building. Reopened as Hillsborough County's first public International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme school in 2004, it was renamed MacFarlane Park Elementary Magnet School. With a new mission and school population the school like its namesake, Hugh MacFarlane has made significant contributions to the local West Tampa community.

    By pulling together students, teachers, parents, and community leaders, the school creates a stronger global learning community where students share information about each other, their cultures, and their communities. The global learning community is rich in a culture of problem solvers that work together to make a difference in the world, and continually strive to provide an environment that molds such problem solvers. Celebrating cultures provides one with dignity and worth of self and others, fosters the empowerment of both, and encourages and supports the maximum development of human potential for the benefit of the common good.

    MacFarlane Park Elementary vision is to provide both a culture of collegiality and caring among teachers and a positive and meaningful academic growth opportunity for students. We are committed in providing children the opportunity to develop a continual love of learning through a secure and encouraging atmosphere in which daily success is met, diversity is appreciated.