• Academy Information

    Ferrell Girls Preparatory Academy is a Cambridge International School. This means, in addition to teaching the Florida Standards in each course, students at Ferrrell are engaged in learning with strong emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, interpretation, writing and collaboration.

    We are proud to be associated with the University of Cambridge and members of a community with over 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries. Our partnership with Cambridge provides resources to continue to increase student achievement as we build on our long tradition of helping young people be successful. 

    How is Cambridge implemented ?
    The Cambridge Program at Ferrell GPA is a whole-school model, driven by the internationally respected Cambridge Philosophy. As a Cambridge school, we implement the Cambridge Learner Attributes campus-wide. The curriculum is written and administered by the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. All students will be challenged with rigorous courses and will have the opportunity to choose classes based on their interests.

    How do I apply?
    Apply through the School Choice application process at HillsboroughSchools.org/choice. Applicants will be selected by lottery.

    Which classes will have the Cambridge learning philosophy?
    The core classes (English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and World History) and the elective courses are infused with the Cambridge curriculum. We began our Cambridge program in 6th grade in 2020 and are adding a grade each year.

    What other programs will be offered?
    We have an accelerated Math Academy for students who excel in mathematics allowing our students to potentially complete two high school credit courses, Algebra and Geometry, by the end of 8th grade.

    Additionally, we offer Scholar Prep high school credit courses in Physical Science, Art, Team Sports, Spanish I and II, and Law Studies.

    Is transportation provided?
    Bus transportation is available to all students eligible for transportation under Florida law and school district policy.