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  • Mission: Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through expanding economic opportunities for all students



    3DE makes high school more relevant, experiential, and authentically connected to the real world.


    The 3DE experience is due to a partnership between Hillsborough County Schools, Junior Achievement, and local and national business partners. These businesses are looking to find innovation solutions to real problems that they are experiencing and create a pipeline for employment. In 3DE, rigorous academic courses are delivered by trained 3DE teachers who foster an engaging and interdisciplinary environment by focusing on critical thinking and creativity. This mindset helps students prepare and present new ideas and potential solutions which address the challenges presented by various companies throughout their four years at Chamberlain.


    3DE students tackle real challenges our corporate partners are facing.


    Each year, 3DE students take four core courses and a Launch course within 3DE along with two elective courses within the broader Chamberlain community. Along the way, student gain an understanding of core competencies which are critical to life and career success such as engaging communication and critical and analytical thinking. Students are also exposed to a wide range of industries and careers through interactions with company executives and business coaches. 


    While in ninth grade, students work with the following companies:

    Ø  The Hillsborough Education Foundation and The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

    Ø  A-LIGN

    Ø  Arby’s

    Ø  Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

    Ø  Delta

    Ø  Truist

    While in tenth grade, students work with the following companies:

    Ø  SPANX

    Ø  Jabil

    Ø  The Home Depot

    Ø  ReliaQuest

    Ø  UPS

    Ø  Bank of America

    As upperclassmen, our students take the experience gained in their freshmen and sophomore years a step further. As a junior, students will work to create a business plan for original company to run on our campus. As a senior, they apply their learning through Senior Consultancy experience. This experience will allow them to become a business consultant to one of Junior Achievement’s business partners.

    “The moment that I realized that 3DE was beneficial was when I saw the first case challenge, I finally understood that we were trying to fix real world problems. We used our competencies to help solve those problems and it helped me think in a different way than usual. I see myself using the skills that I learned in 3DE when cooperating in medical school and when I am helping my patients as a physician. Also, I know when challenges arise in the medical field, I can be a part of the solution, if I put my mind to it.”

    -11th grader, Aiden S.

    Growing up, I never really had anyone that would push me to do my greatest. I had always had a mindset that: “If I do bad, I am a failure”. Because of this, I never developed self-esteem. I stayed withdrawn, avoiding social interaction unless it was with someone I could trust. I immediately noticed something about the 3DE environment when I came in my freshmen year. There was a sense of community.  Now for me, I want to stay here. Being involved in these case challenges was a confidence boost. I realized I could do the things I always wanted to do. I no longer felt like someone who was dragging themselves through their education.”

    11th grader, Josue G.

    With only 150 students per grade level, 3DE students have the benefits of a small school environment while also enjoying large school amenities. Beyond the experience in the classroom, 3DE students can participate in any sport, club, or organization offered on our campus. 3DE is not a magnet program with qualification requirements, it is open to all students that would like to take advantage of this opportunity. Furthermore, there is no additional cost associated with being in 3DE and each 3DE student is provided with a laptop. Below is our instructional framework and the skills that students develop throughout their high school experience. 3DE is a national model with schools in Georgia, California, DC/Maryland, Indiana, Kanas, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, and Florida. 


    How do students get into 3DE?

    If CHS is the student’s neighborhood school, please have them indicate 3DE on their programing guide. This is important because 3DE students are cohorted with select teachers. Students outside of CHS’s boundaries are welcome to CHOICE Chamberlain. https://www.hillsboroughschools.org/Choice. The CHOICE window is open until December 16th.



    Who can parents contact if they have questions or need assistance?


    Danielle Buchert, 3DE AP



    Julia Pipkins, 3DE Director




    Mission: Inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through expanding economic opportunities for all students