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About the Media Center

  • Colson Library

    Welcome to the Media Center at Colson Elementary School.  Here, you'll find over 10,000 books, videos, and realia.  Students can check out Picture, Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Biography books.  We also have Reference and Periodicals (Magazines) collections for in-library use.  Teachers have access to professional texts, videos, and realia.  Students also have access to electronic materials through myON, Boundless, and HAAL Pass.

    The Media Center houses Colson Elementary School's Television Studio.  This is where we create and stream the award-winning Colson Cougars Morning Network program and additional media to our classrooms and common use areas.

    The Media Center Computer Lab includes 28 laptop computers that facilitate access to a multitude of online educational resources for our students and trainings for teachers.


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