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  • Welcome to Madison Middle School Media Center

    Hours: We are open before school starting at 9 and throughout every class period, including lunches. 

    About the Library Meida Specialist: Hi Everyone - welcome to the media center website. I am Ms. Koji. This is my 10th year at Madison Middle School, prior to being a media specialist, I was a reading teacher (both at Madison and at Young Middle Magnet). I graduatied from USF with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and I also have a Master's Degree in Reading Education and a Master's Degree in Library Infomation Science (both from USF). I love love love my position here at Madison and I have a strong passion for helping students find books they connect with. I am a strong beliver in making sure we have a diverse collection in our library where students have the opportunity to see themselves in books as well as learn about other peoples and cultures. I have two kids, both boys. One is starting middle school this year at Ben Hill and the other is starting 4th grade at Carrollwood Elementary. I also have a dog (Harry) and two cats (Inky & Smudge). I love to read (duh). I could spend all day talking about my favorite books, lol. Check out the media center Canvas course for some of my favorites and reccomendations. 



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