Welcome Military Families

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools is honored to serve you and your family during your time at MacDill Air Force.

School & HCPS Resources

  • Military Point of Contact - Mr. Sims, Fishhawk Elementary School

    Principal Name and Contact Information: Mr. Sims, Principal
    Address: 16815 Dorman Rd, Lithia, FL 33547
    Phone: (813) 651-2150

    School Registration
    Fishhawk Creek Elementary / Homepage (hillsboroughschools.org)

    Or Information on documents required for school enrollment can be found by visiting: Enrollment, Withdrawals and Re-entry / Overview (hillsboroughschools.org)

    Student Led Transition Program
    Fishhawk Elementary School has two designated teachers who oversee the student-led transition program to assist military students coming into the school. The program includes two teachers serving as transition team coordinators; a peer-support system with selected Fishhawk students linking new military students with other students at the school within 2 weeks of arrival; and a process for familiarizing new students with the school campus, including student leaders and upcoming events.

    Exceptional Student Education
    Families can contact Mrs. Selbak and Mrs. Walker with questions regarding Exceptional Student Education at 813-651-2150.

    If you are transitioning to the area and have questions about services in Hillsborough County Public Schools contact the Choice Information Line at (813) 272-4692 and identify yourself as a transitioning military family to connect with the Exceptional Student Education Department.

    Mental Health Resources
    There are many challenges military students face due to their unique situation, such as having a parent deployed for extended periods of time, changing schools, and leaving friends.  Your child’s School Student Services staff, i.e. School Counselor, School Psychologist and/or School Social Worker can provide support and share resources to assist during these challenging times. Families can also visit the HCPS Mental Health Matters site for additional resources.

    Contact Venetia Waters, MAFB’s School Liaison Officer to connect your child or a family member to a Military Family Life Counselor.
    (813) 828-0146 or venetia.waters@us.af.mil

    The Student Progression Plan provides families with academic information at the elementary, middle and high school level.  

    Military Recognition Events
    Military Kids Club, Purple UP, Week of The Military Child, Veteran’s Day Celebration

Military Recognition Events

  • September - 9/11 - Heroes' Day Recognition
    November  - Veterans Week Activities
    April - Month of the Military Child