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  • Exceptional Student Education
    If you have questions about Exceptional Student Education in Hillsborough County Public Schools, please call 813-272-4692 and identify yourself as a transitioning active duty family

    Please provide a copy of your child’s most resent Gifted Plan at the time of registration.

    Gifted Transfers Within State
    Students transferring from within the state of Florida with documentation of an active Educational Plan (EP) will be enrolled in the gifted program at the time of registration. HCPS would provide services comparable to those the student received in the previous district, as available at the enrolling school site, until the team adopts the EP developed by the previous district or develops, adopts, and implements a new EP.

    Gifted Transfers from Out-of-State
    HCPS would need to obtain a copy of the gifted plan which could include documentation from the previous school district in another state that the student was determined eligible for gifted services in accordance with the applicable requirements of that district or state and was receiving gifted services. HCPS would provide the student with services comparable to those described in the student’s gifted plan from the previous school district, as available at the enrolling school site, until the new school develops, adopts, and implements a Florida EP. Students who transfer with gifted eligibility and documented services from another state do not need to meet the eligibility requirements in Florida to be considered for continued services.

    HCPS Military Families
    Welcome to Hillsborough County Public Schools, the 7th largest school district in the nation. We are proud to be home to 4,000 military-connected families in schools across our district.

    Join PTA
    Welcome from the site PTSA and information on how to join

    Military Interstate Compact -  The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children was specifically designed to eliminate some of those roadblocks. It is an agreement among states to provide uniform treatment for military children moving to new school districts.

    Student Progression Plan
    The Student Progression Plan is to inform school personnel, parents, students, and other stakeholders of the School Board rules and administrative procedures required to implement

    State and local student progression requirements. The Student Progression Plan will be updated periodically to address changes in state law, policy, and the changing needs of our students and community among other reasons.

    Volunteer Services
    We encourage and welcome you to volunteer your time in our schools. Volunteers play a vital role in our schools taking on a variety of roles to help our students succeed. The first step to becoming a volunteer is to visit the Volunteer Services Website and complete the Volunteer Application.