Certificate of Completion

  • What is a Certificate of Completion (COC)?

    Students who complete all course requirements for a High School Diploma, but do not have a 2.0 GPA or have not met Reading and Math Testing Benchmarks, receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate allows you to keep working towards these requirements and still earn a High School Diploma.

    What can you do to earn a Diploma?

    • Students with a COC can continue to take the Benchmark or Concordant test options to meet the testing requirements.
    • Students who need to increase their GPA can continue to work on classes for grade enhancements.
    • Once you have met all requirements you can earn a Traditonal Diploma.

    How can Gary Adult High School help you?

    We offer ACT Prep classes during the Fall and Spring Semester. These classes will help you to attain the skills necessary to prepare for our extended time ACT here on campus. See announcements and Calendar for upcoming test opportunities.

    How do you get started?

    Students wishing to enroll in ACT Prep classes must come in to fill out the registration paperwork.  After paperwork is complete, the student will be given an appointment to return for orientation. (registration forms can also be downloaded under the "About Us" tab, "Policies and forms"). Once students complete Orientation, they will be able to begin classes. There is no fee for this course.