ABE/GED Classes

  • Under-age
    The under-age GED program was approved by the School Board of Hillsborough County to provide an opportunity for 16/17 year old students with extraordinary circumstances to earn a State of Florida High School Diploma through the GED test. The program targets students who have been unsuccessful in the traditional high school program and are planning to withdraw or have withdrawn. Students who successfully complete this program will be granted an Under-Age GED test waiver to be eligible to take the GED test prior to reaching the age of eighteen.

    Adult students 18 years or older can prepare to take the GED test in order to earn a Florida High School Diploma. The GED program is for students who do not have a high school diploma, have legally withdrawn from a traditional K-12 school, and score at the high school level on the placement test. Courses include language arts writing, language arts reading, math, science, and social studies. GED classes are offered in a traditional classroom setting or online.

    Students wishing to enroll in GED classes must come in to fill out the registration paperwork.  After paperwork is complete, the student will be given an appointment to return for orientation.  At orientation, GED students, will bring $10 cash or money order for testing fees and schedule a CASAS testing appointment. (registration forms can also be downloaded under the "About Us" tab, "Policies and forms"). Once students complete CASAS testing, they will be required to bring the $45 tuition fee to get their schedule and begin classes.


    • The CASAS GOALS Test is state certified tests that is to be completed in 1 day.
    • MUST have ACCEPTABLE photo ID.
    • Cost of CASAS GOALS test is $10. (Money order ONLY)
    • Testing is Approx. 2 ½ -4 hours - MUST BE HERE AT 8:30AM.


    • State Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • State Identification Card
    • Military ID
    • S. Government
    • School approved ID


    • Photocopies of acceptable documents
    • International driver’s license or student ID
    • Birth certificate
    • Social Security Card
    • Notarized documents


    • Electronic devices of any sort
    • Cell phones, pagers, beepers
    • Books or papers
    • Pencil, pens, highlighters
    • Watches of any kind
    • Headphones
    • Purses, backpacks
    • Food or drinks
    • Loose clothing, including hats, scarves, jackets
    • Sunglasses- (Unless medically necessary)

    *Please leave the items listed above at home or in your vehicle. If they are brought into the testing room, they WILL be collected and locked in a secured area. However, we are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Failure to comply will result in not being permitted to test. Once ALL parts of testing are completed and the $45 tuition money order or voucher has been received, the student may begin class*

    Classes are held Monday 8:30am- 12:30pm and Tuesday- Friday 8:30am- 1:30pm.

    Any questions or concerns, please call (813) 740-7660.