• PRINCIPAL / ADMINISTRATOR:  Christopher Fonteyn

    Phone:  (813) 558-5356
    Fax:  (813) 558-5111

    Student Hours: 7:40 AM to 1:55 PM

    Uniforms: Yes

    Before School Program: Yes
    After School Program: Yes

    Citrus Park Elementary School will soar as the district's leader in developing successful students.

    We will make our vision a reality by providing:
    Open Communication
    Academic Excellence and

  • Citrus Park Elementary School was built in 1911 and was named after the area in which it is located. Citrus Park Elementary started as a small, white one room building, without desks, serving grades first through eighth. A partition was added in 1924 to make two classrooms. Benches were constructed around the walls, which the children sat upon, and their books were placed underneath. During 1940, the “Little Red School House” was restored as an historical site, and was moved to its present location. It is believed to be the oldest standing school building in Hillsborough County.

    The original school still stands (see above). It is now known as the “Little Red School House."

    Many of the students who attend Citrus Park have grandparents, parents, uncles, and aunts that attended the school. There is a wonderful tradition of parent involvement and pride in our school.

    If there are questions regarding our school, or if you would like to schedule at time to come and visit, please call the school at 558-5356.

    Citrus Park Elementary