Phone: (813) 757-9307
    Fax: (813) 757-9310

    Student Hours: 7:40 AM to 1:55 PM

    Uniforms: No Uniforms

    Before School Program: No
    After School Program: Yes

School History

  • Due to a rapid increase in population in 1926, Hillsborough County began construction of three identical schools in Plant City: Bryan Elementary, Jackson Elementary, and Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. Due to a lack of funding, the opening of Wilson Elementary School was delayed until 1927. On Monday, September 12, 1927, Principal and Sixth grade teacher, Sallie Hawkins welcomed the first students to the newly opened Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. One year later, in 1928, Mrs. Mills was appointed the second principal of Wilson Elementary School. She served as principal until 1937, when Mrs. Clark was appointed to the position. Mrs. Clark remained the principal of Wilson Elementary for 25 years!

    In 1962 Mrs. Campbell became Wilson’s 4th principal. One year later, Mr. Cooper was appointed Wilson Elementary School’s 5th principal. In 1981, Wilson had two principals! Mr. McMillan was the Principal for a few months. He came up with our Mascot ….the Wildcat! Then Mr. McMillan was appointed to another school and Mrs. Gatlin was hired. She was Wilson's principal for ten years.

    In 1991, Mrs. Allen became the principal of Wilson Elementary. The school was very overcrowded and space had to be rented at Northside Baptist Church for Wilson Classrooms until additional land was purchased to place portables. In 1995, Mrs. Knox became the principal of Wilson Elementary School. Our school campus was filled with portables. The district decided to build a new wing of classrooms and construction began on the building now known as the 300 building.

    In 2005, Mrs. Becker was appointed principal of Wilson, and led the school for 13 years. Our current Principal, Mrs. Forcucci, joined the Wilson Elementary family in 2018. Today, Wilson Elementary School students, faculty, staff, and alumni celebrate a rich history, a successful present, and a bright future.