• Hillsborough High School has three traditional counselors, one IB counselor to meet the needs of the students, as well as a college and career counselor.

    The counseling department focuses on the development of the whole student, providing personal, social, academic, college and career counseling.

    Support is provided for student through individual counseling as well as classroom presentations for all grade levels.


    Corrie McCarthy -  9th Grade IB & Traditional  A - Gould


    Andrea Thurston - 10th Grad IB & Counselor J- Rivera 


    Parents can schedule a conference with Ms. Thurston

    Shawnree Miller - 11th Grade IB & Traditional  Ro - Z  &  Gov-Jackson


     Deborah Wanner - 12th Grad IB & 9-12 College and Career Counselor


    Ms. Guerra -  Secretary