• Why Choose Our Magnet Program?
    1. Our students get First Aid and CPR Certified!
    2. You earn a High School Credit!
    3. There are two NEW 2020-2021 Sports Medicine classes available.
    4. Student’s learn about all the health professions, anatomy, nutrition, patient care, wound care and legal aspects of health care.
    5. They learn information through our Health class, trips and guest speakers.

    Trips Available to Students:

    • MOSI
    • Steinbrenner High
    • HCC Robotics
    • Moffitt
    • USF
    • Zoo
    • Florida Hospital
    • Erwin Tech
    • VA Hospital
    • Tampa Bay Tech
    • Five Labs
    • Middleton High
    • HCC Vet


    Dress Code
    Magnet students wear scrubs or Magnet dry-fit polo shirt and khaki pants or jeans.

    Sixth Grade Course Information

    • The history of Medicine ( tools that were/are used)
    • Influential people in Medicine
    • Career Clusters – Health Occupations
    • Broken Bones and what they are made up of
    • Burns
    • Systems of the body


    Seventh Grade Course Information

    • Nutrition
    • Career Clusters
    • Systems of the Body (indepth)
    • Muscles and Bones
    • Performance Enhancement Drugs (PED’s)


    Eighth Grade Course Information

    • Patient Care
    • Wound Care
    • Legal Aspects of Medicine
    • First Aid Certified
    • High School Credit Class
    • Diseases
    • Terminology (Prefix, Suffix, Root Words)


    Seventh & Eighth Sports Medicine Course Information

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