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About the Media Center



    To increase student literacy through representation




    To provide all students with the opportunity to see themselves in literature and/ or provide a window to other cultures, worlds, and values that create our diverse global community.   


    Middle School Clubs:

    Mondays- Avid reader book club meets weekly during lunches to discuss chapters read from a chosen book. If interested in joining a book club next year, make sure to include your information on the 4th quarter student survey. 

    Tuesdays-  Yearbook club meets weekly to create layouts and design this year's yearbook.  All work has been completed for this year and yearbooks are set to be distributed after May 15th. If interested in helping to create the 2023-2024 yearbook, make sure to enter your name and information on the 4th quarter survey or see Mrs. Hanily

    Wednesdays- SLAM club trivia team- Our SLAM team returned from our yearly fieldtrip to the Tampa Bay Convention center on April 11th.  SLAM books have been released for next year's selections.  If interested in joining our trivia team or creating 2D or 3D art inspired by the SLAM books, make sure to include your information in the 4th quarter student surveys or speak with Mrs. Hanily