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New Worlds Reading Opportunity

Chris Sprowls, Speaker
Dear Florida Teachers,
Every child deserves the opportunity to experience new worlds and achieve their full potential. Books are doorways to new ideas and new adventures, and while Florida has been a national leader in reading, it’s just not enough.
New Worlds Reading Initiative | Invitation to Teachers Oct. 2021
As father of two young boys, I recognize the short window of opportunity you have to affect the trajectory of the lives of our youngest generation. Last year, you may have received an email from me and Mike Grego, immediate past president of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents, introducing my vision for House Bill 3, the New Worlds Reading Initiative: To deliver a book to a struggling reader’s home every month, to get them excited about reading and help them build a home library. If a child can read, they can learn. If they can learn, then anything becomes possible. 
Now, House Bill 3 has come to life! Starting this December, registered students will receive a FREE book delivered to their doorstep, and deliveries will continue throughout the school year on a monthly basis. Parents can sign up eligible kindergarten through fifth-grade readers for Florida’s first free book delivery program at
I realize that access to books alone won’t end illiteracy, so this initiative also engages school districts and community organizations to promote reading, provide resources and build families’ capacity to help their children read. Together, we can help overcome barriers with the New Worlds Reading Initiative.
We invite you to download the following flyers and share this good news with your eligible students and their parents today:
Visit to learn more and sign up.
Let’s help our students experience New Worlds!
Chris Sprowls
Florida House of Representatives
Mike Grego
Pinellas County Schools
Immediate Past President
Florida Association of District School Superintendents (FADSS)