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Ready, Set, Kindergarten!

Click here for a list of required documents needed for registration:

Families of Kindergarten students please click on the slideshow link below for a presentation from our administration:

Wizzy the Wizard invites you to tour our campus to see all it has to offer your kindergartener.  

Your tour may include a visit to the kindergarten playground, media center, cafeteria, PE courts, and a kindergarten classroom. (Changes may occur depending on events happening on campus.) Upon the tour's conclusion, you will have the opportunity to submit your registration packet if ALL required original documents (and copies) are provided.

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Registration begins March 1, 2024, and remains open through Friday, May 24, 2024, by appointment only.  During these dates, a Registrar will be available to verify your information needed to complete registration. Registration will resume Tuesday, July 16, 2024, by appointment.  Use the link to schedule your appointment.

Yomust havALL of the required original documents to register your child for Kindergarten. (Providing a copy of each will expedite the process.) An exception will be made for health documents based on age and registration date.

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If you have any questions, please reach out to our data processor, Darlene Sigle-Lam, at 813-631-4600 ext#229