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Frequently Asked Questions

Why consider Hillsborough Virtual K-12?
We offer personalized learning in a structured, yet flexible environment for students in grades K-12.

Who could benefit from Hillsborough Virtual K-12?
Advanced learners looking for a challenge; Students who need to accommodate a work schedule; College and career-minded students; Homeschool students; Children in military families; Amateur athletes and performers; Students trying to catch up; Individuals seeking supportive, student-driven learning

What is Hillsborough Virtual K-12?
In a virtual classroom, students engage with the instruction provided in the course (video, reading, and/or interactive lessons), complete and submit their assignments, and take tests and quizzes. They have full access to their teachers for each subject, whom they can correspond with via email, phone, instant message, or virtual classroom.

Students work online and submit their weekly work as they move through the lessons.

The certified, Hillsborough County teacher identifies if students have mastered the content and provides positive, corrective and specific feedback to students. Students are able to review the material and resubmit their assignments to ensure mastery of the content. Teachers may also provide additional remediation through live lessons, additional resources, and/or individual help sessions.

Students will learn and implement 21st century skills, digital methods of collaboration and communication.

We offer field trips to students in our full time program where they have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with classmates.

Students are able to participate in their attendance-area school athletics and extracurricular activities.

Students enrolled in Hillsborough Virtual K-12 Full Time earn a diploma and participate in a graduation ceremony with their HVK12 classmates.

Students who attend a physical school and co-enroll with HVK12 earn a diploma and participate in a graduation ceremony through their physical school.

Where does Hillsborough Virtual K-12 take place?
Outside of traditional schools, and usually at home.

When does it take place?
Students who are full-time take a full class schedule and stay on pace with the public-school calendar.

Students should expect to spend approximately an hour per day for each online class. There is no scheduled time during the day when students must participate, but teachers may offer live lessons during the week. They have a deadline for turning in assignments and tests, but the daily work schedule is up to students and their families.

There is no scheduled time during which students must participate. They have a deadline for turning in assignments and tests, but the pacing for completing work is up to students and their families.

How does it work?
We offer full-time, part-time (co-enrolled with a physical school as part of the student's day), gifted services, credit recovery or home education opportunities.
Students are required to participate in all state/district mandated assessments if they are enrolled in the full-time program or co-enrolled with a district public or charter school.

Home Education students are not required to take state assessments, unless they intend to re-enroll in the public school system to receive a diploma.

Parents are encouraged to serve as the learning coach and to facilitate the daily schedule. Typically, elementary students require daily guidance from their parent or guardian, while middle and high school students need guidance on a weekly basis.

Virtual school does not follow the traditional method of a teacher giving daily instruction and daily assignments.

It is a “flipped classroom” environment where students have access to the curriculum up front and are given a weekly set of assignments.

Elementary students will have access to weekly content that is released by teachers each Sunday evening.

Secondary students will have access to the course curriculum with check points built in along the way. 

These feature interactive, engaging content 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Students interact with the curriculum, complete assignments, and then the teacher provides individual feedback with any necessary follow-up instruction.

To be successful in this type of learning environment, students need to be self-motivated, a good time manager, an advocate for themselves willing to reach out to their teacher for assistance, and/or have a reliable learning coach to support them in these tasks.

How is the program designed and built?
The Hillsborough Virtual K-12 program is a franchise of Florida Virtual School (FLVS). This provides the best of two worlds – the tried-and-true curriculum of FLVS combined with the support and resources of the Hillsborough County Public School system.


Wrap-around support services provided for students (e.g. Counseling Services, Therapies, and Mental Health) remotely as appropriate.

All students attending HVK12 will have access to many accommodations that naturally occur in the virtual setting. In addition, HVK12 may be able to provide additional accommodations and services per a student’s IEP or Section 504 Plan if the accommodation(s) is/are applicable to the online educational environment. Please note that some accommodations and services may not be possible to implement in the HVK12 online educational setting.

HVK12 is not an option for Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Program, Head Start/Early Head Start Programs, and iPeeps.

Electronic devices will be available for check out at our site, if needed for students that qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Students enrolled in a virtual school are not eligible to participate in the NSLP or SBP. FNS Instruction 786-8 Reimbursement for Off-Site Meal Consumption states “The authorizing legislation and program regulations clearly intend that meals reimbursed under the programs are to be served and consumed as part of the school program, on school or school-related premises [except in the case of work-study programs. Refer to the Instruction for more guidance on that subject].” Therefore, it has been determined that if the child is not physically attending any classes on campus at the time meals are being served the child is not eligible to participate in the NSLP or SBP.