2020-2021 Camp Cobra
  • Welcome to Coleman Middle School Campers!

    We are so excited that you will be joining the Cobra Family this fall! We wish that we could have spent some time this summer introducing you to our amazing school and getting to know you a little better. Since that wasn't possible we hope that our video introduction will help as you make the transition to Middle School this year. We can't wait until we can all be together again and until then GO COBRAS!!

  • Meet our Principal, Dr. Odalys Pritchard, and our Assistant Principals, Sharnel Carr and Nannette Harvey.

  • Our experienced team of Sixth Grade teachers is ready to welcome you to our Cobra Family! 

  • Take a look around our 6th grade hallway.

  • Get ready to explore your options as you meet our Electives teachers! Coleman has so much to offer you!

  • The Guidance team wants you to know they're there for you every step of your journey through middle school.

  • Former Coleman 6th graders answer some questions about starting at Coleman Middle School.

  • Take a look around our 7th grade hallway.

  • Take a look around our Electives!

Adventure Awaits. See you soon