Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the curriculum be at Adum K-8 Magnet School? 
    Adum’s curriculum will have an International Studies focus. It is currently in the process of becoming an International Baccalaureate world school. It will work closely with Robinson High School’s IB Program, and International Studies will be threaded throughout all content areas. 

    Adum K-8 plans to offer a Spanish language immersion program that allows students to become bilingual and biliterate in English and Spanish. The program provides a rich learning experience and promotes cross-cultural communication. 

    Unique electives will also be offered at Adum K-8. The elective courses will provide a challenging curriculum for middle school students, and some electives will even allow students to earn high school credits while still in middle school. Elementary students will also receive a variety of “related arts” options, including foreign language and visual and performing arts, in addition to physical education. 

    I noticed it’s a K-8 school, but I thought pre-kindergarten would be available. 
    Yes, VPK will be available next year! It is a separate application process, not run through the magnet application. 

    Two pre-kindergarten blended classes will be offered. Each class will have up to 18 students (10 VPK, 8 ESE), one teacher, and two aides.  

    Families must first register through the Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County at to receive their voucher/certificate, then they can register at the school site. 

    Adum VPK vouchers can be turned in at Monroe Middle School's front office between the hours of 9AM-3PM from March 1st-March 28th on student days only.  Acceptance or waiting list notifications will go out on April 5th, 2024.

    Who Qualifies for VPK? 

    • Children who reside in Florida 
    • Children who turn four by September 1 
    • There are no predetermined boundaries for enrollment
    • Children may only attend VPK ONE time (school year or the summer before kindergarten) 

    If you have VPK questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at 813-272-4516 

    If my child gets into the VPK program at Adum K-8 do I still have to apply for kindergarten the following year? 
    Yes. Admission to the school's Pre-K program does not guarantee admission to the Magnet in kindergarten; to be considered for kindergarten, families would need to apply through the normal Magnet Application process. 

    What is Adum K-8’s start time? 
    The district will recommend that Adum K-8 start at 8 a.m. However, start times must be approved by the School Board in the spring. Schools with an 8 a.m. start time typically end at 2:50 p.m. 

    What will the colors and mascot be? 
    The school board must approve the colors and mascot at an upcoming board meeting. If you would like to provide your input on a school mascot, go to 

    Will there be uniforms? 
    Yes, once the board approves a color scheme, uniform options will be available. The school will communicate with families regarding uniform orders.  

    Will there be a gifted program? 
    Yes, Adum K-8 will offer AGP services to its gifted students. 

    Will Adum K-8 offer Exceptional Student Education services? 
    ESE services will be offered in pre-kindergarten to seventh grade for the 2024-2025 school year. Eighth grade will be added during the 2025 -2026 school year. Parents are able to apply via school choice during the open application period. The Full-time programs from Lanier Elementary and Monroe Middle School will be moved to Adum. Specialized transportation will be provided for students in the full-time program. We will also have a VPK/ ESE Blend classroom with Special Education Services and for typical peers. 

    I missed the first window to apply. Will there be another one? 
    Yes, the second window is expected to open on Monday, February 26, and remain open for two weeks. Exact dates will be determined once the placement office can access the number of accepted offers during the first round. Please follow Hillsborough County Public Schools on Facebook, X, and Instagram to see when the window is open. And visit the school's website for important updates: 

    To apply and/or accept offers, you can go to 

    I am a teacher interested in applying to join the staff at Adum K-8; when can I apply? 
    If you are a new applicant to the district, you must complete an online applicationFor current Hillsborough County Public Schools employees, they can apply and potentially interview during the Spring Transfer period in AprilVacancies will be posted on the district website with all of vacancies once allocations are provided to the sites for the 2024-2025 school year. 

    Once families accept offers the district will know how many teachers and which support staff will be needed based on student numbers.  

    When will a tour of the campus take place? 
    The school is still in the building process. Once the school receives the Certificate of Occupancy, meaning the keys can be handed over to administration, staff will be allowed in to get rooms ready, and then Principal Weaver will communicate with all families about an open house. 

    Will middle school students have the opportunity to play sports? 
    Once eighth grade is added, athletic programs will be offered. 

    In the first year, the school can establish intramural programs through HOST as an option. 

    When sports are offered, we offer basketball, volleyball, track, soccer and flag football for girls and boys. 

    Will there be before and after school care?
    Yes, before and after school services (HOST) will be offered at Adum K-8. 

    For more information about the HOST Program or registration details, please visit  

    I know this is an application-only school, but do students who live closest to Adum get priority?
    No. This is a weighted, random, race neutral lottery system.  

    One of my children got in, and another did not; how is that determined?
    The application is done by a lottery system. If you applied during the first window and one child got in and another did not, AND you put additional magnet schools on that application, aside from Adum, it is best to only select Adum as your “choice” for the upcoming second round application for the child that didn’t get in during the first round.  

    Note: For schools that are already open and in operation, additional weighting is provided to sibling applications on the elementary and middle school levels only when one sibling is already enrolled for the school year. But this additional weight is not a guarantee. 

    If I applied and did not get in this first window, do I have to apply again during the second window? 
    Many factors may result in your student not receiving an offer to a Magnet School. If you did not receive an offer, your application remains active and rolls into the next application window if your current application says “Active.”  

    You do not need to make changes during that next window (unless you want to make adjustments). 

    If you accept an offer and then return to your neighborhood school, is that allowed? 
    You can withdraw and return to your assigned elementary or middle school. However, if you want to go to a different magnet school, you will have to apply through the application window to see if you get offers for the following school year.  

    How does the choice application process work and lottery work? 
    It is a weighted, random, race neutral lottery system. You apply during the open application window and then receive a confirmation email that your application was received in the system. Once the offers are available, you will then be notified via email and phone of the results. You will then have a window of time during which you may respond online to accept any offer you may have received.  If at any time during this process you have questions about the application process or your student's application, you can call (813) 272-4692. 

    It does not matter when your application is submitted. There is not a first come, first served process for applications. 

    How many schools can you apply for during an application period? 
    During the application window, you can apply for up to three Elementary Magnet Schoolsandfive Middle Magnet Schools. Magnet Schools and non-Magnet school options are NOT ranked on the application—you can receive an offer to any school (or no school) listed on your application.  

    If you are only interested in one specific school, list only that school and no alternatives since there is a chance only one offer may be given.