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Excellence in Education - One Student at a Time

Middle school students working on a science project.
Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) embraces the diversity our students bring to the classroom. Students are empowered to achieve excellence in education through a rigorous hands-on curriculum by highly-effective educators that cultivate a thriving learning environment through daily lessons and real work experiences.

Dedicated professionals educate over 200,000 Hillsborough County Public School students from grades Pre K-12 at over 215 school site locations. Our devoted teachers and administrators ensure that all students achieve maximum success by recognizing each student’s learning strengths and challenges. Rigorous educational benchmarks as outlined in the Florida State Standards raise the bar of learning for all students while paralleling Florida graduates to other high achievers throughout the United States in preparation for college and career success.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

With over 15,500 certified classroom teachers, Hillsborough County Public Schools proudly focuses on raising the bar of student achievement with multidimensional instruction. Students at all grade levels benefit from highly qualified instructors who are not only passionate about the field of education but also supported by cooperative learning environments that allow teachers to enhance their skills, nurture best practices and provide an open forum for the cooperative exchange of ideas – all for the benefit of Hillsborough County Public School students. Hillsborough County Public Schools administrators and educators expect high achievement, and our students consistently rise to the challenge.

Numerous schools engage students with opportunities to learn in innovative ways. Hillsborough County Public Schools embrace technology in the classroom and encourage their students to integrate online resources into traditional classroom lessons. Technology deepens the student’s appreciation of classroom work by seeing the practical application of curriculum in the real world environment. As technology evolves so too does its education application. Hillsborough County Public Schools is leading the way in promoting single gender learning with exclusive boys and girls’ academies that drive each student’s focus toward education with limited social distractions.

Student achievement is the sole focus of classroom teachers, administrators, and the numerous support personnel employed with Hillsborough County Public Schools.


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