2022-2023 Student Schedules

We understand that students may be able to access their tentative schedule online. At this time schedules are NOT finalized and will likely change as we get ready for the start of the school year. Schedules will be distributed at Open House but may change prior to the first day of school. If you find an error in your child's schedule at Open House, there will be Schedule Error Forms available at Open House. 

Due to continuous enrollments and the need to balance courses, some classroom assignments may be temporary and require a change in schedule or a change in teacher. Since course offerings, class schedules, and hiring of teachers is based on requests made by students on their programming sheets in the Spring of last school year (for 7th and 8th graders) it is expected that students honor their commitments. Therefore, we will only accommodate schedule change requests that involve a change in course level or to correct a scheduling error; there will be no elective changes or changes in teachers.
Please understand that counselors are currently attending district trainings and have many responsibilities at this time of the year, therefore response times may be longer than usual.