Updated HCPS Mask Policy 10/7/21

The Hillsborough County School Board voted to remove the medical exemption opt-out requirement of the face-covering mandate and default back to the original mask mandate prior to August 18th that allowed for a parental opt-out with no medical documentation required. This will begin Thursday, October 7, 2021. This decision does not change our expectation that students follow the wishes of their parents should they want their child to wear a face covering.

Parents will be asked to complete the online opt-out form and we will work diligently to honor the intent of that declaration. All parents who wish to opt their child out of the mask mandate must resubmit the parental opt out form. Thank you for your attention to this important decision; our primary focus will remain on providing a high-quality learning experience for all students.  The link to the online opt-out form can be found here: HPCS Mask Opt-Out Form