Note from Mrs. Madill

Hello Parents and Welcome to the 23-24 School Year at Riverview Elementary!


            I am so excited to have you back as we start a new year where “We All Fit Together”! Our teachers and staff are ready to serve your children and we are all looking forward to being back in the classroom.  You will receive your usual “Welcome Back” postcard in the mail, but I have also put together this letter to try and answer some of the questions you may have and to tell you about our Riverview procedures.  This letter will give you all the information that you will need to know so that we may have a great start to our school year.

  1. Homeroom Teacher: The label on the front of the postcard indicates your child’s homeroom assignment. On the last page of this letter all the teacher assignments are listed by homeroom. To find your child’s homeroom teacher just compare the number on your label to this list. There is also a map on the back of the list so you can see where your child’s homeroom class is located.
  2. Meet and Greet: We will be having our Meet and Greet on Monday, August 7th from 3:00-5:00pm. If you are thinking of walking your child to their classroom door the first few days of school, please fill out the pre-registration form so that we can expedite your sign in process. To keep our campus a safe place, all visitors must be signed in. The PTA has arranged for Kona Ice to be on campus, so be sure to bring money for an ice as well as to join the PTA! Membership is only $6, and this is a wonderful way to help our school.
  3. First Day of School: The first day of school will be Thursday, August 10th
  4. Visitors: Visitors on campus will be very limited. However, our office is open from 7:00-3:30 every day and you can call us at (813)671-5105 with any questions or concerns you have.  To visit campus, you must make an appointment 24 hours in advance.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. Parent Visitation: As noted previously, parent visitation on campus will be limited. Parents will be able to walk their children to their classroom door until August 11th, and after that it will be a closed campus. If your child is a kindergarten student, we have included with this letter a form to be pinned to your child’s shirt to wear on the first few days of school. Please fill out the form using a thick marker with the following information: Child’s name, Homeroom Teacher, Student # and how the child will go home (Bus #, daycare, or car pick up). Please have your child wear this for the first three days of school.  
  6. AM Student Drop off (K-5 Students): Student drop off time will be from 7:10-7:40 in the front of the school for all K-5 and ACCESS students only (See next section for IPeeps, VPK and Headstart student info).  Still in place this year: Parents are not allowed to park and walk their child to class after August 11th.   If you wish to walk your child to the front, please know the grassy area on Capitano floods very easily and cars have been known to get stuck, so please do not park there. If you choose to park here, you do so at your own risk. Parents of ACCESS student: Staff will greet you at the first bend in the drive. Please pull as close to the delineators as possible so other parents can pass. Also, we ask that you work with your child to make sure they have their bookbag ready to go when the patrols open the car door and wait for the cars in front of you to move while remaining in one line – please do not pass unloading and loading vehicles.
  7. AM Student Drop Off (Ipeeps, VPK and Headstart): Due to their age IPeeps, VPK and Headstart will drop off in the morning on the side of the school off Broadway. All parents must remain in their vehicles and the teachers will open the passenger side door to assist your child out of the vehicle. We have made this change to allow a little more time for our youngest students to exit the vehicles and provide necessary assistance, where needed.
  8. PM Student Pick Up (K-5): Afternoon pick up is in the front of the school just like arrival. K-5 car riders are to have a yellow car tag placed in their window with the student’s first and last name and grade level so that we may call for your child to be waiting at a numbered cone. For the safety of our students, if you do not have a car tag you will be required to park and go into the office with ID to pick up your child. Yellow car tag cars are required to line up on Broadway, coming in off 301 at Auto Zone. (Please do not block the drive of this business!) You will see the line of cars waiting when you pull up. When it is time to pull up into the school drive our crossing guard will let you know. Our line is usually long the first full week of school and finishes around 2:30. After the first week, it usually drops back to 2:15-2:20.  As in the morning, parents must remain in their cars and go through the pick-up line to get their child. We ask that you wait for the cars in front of you to move while remaining in one line – do not pass unloading and loading vehicles.  No one can walk up and pick up their child during active dismissal. If you wish to pick up your child early, you must sign your student out through the office prior to 1:15 Tuesday through Friday and prior to 12:15 on Mondays. If you are picking your child up early, please walk up and buzz the main office. We will bring the sign out to you and ask you to wait outside while we get your child from class. There will be no changes to transportation made over the phone due to verification procedures. 
  9. PM Student Pick Up (Ipeeps, VPK, and Headstart):  IPeeps, Headstart, VPK students and their siblings, will be in the front of the school for afternoon pick up. Again, Parents, no one can walk up to pick up your child, you must remain in the car line. Headstart parents are to display a pink car tag, and Ipeeps and VPK will have blue tags. Pick up time for pink tags begins at 1:30 and 1:45 for blue tags. Please be one hour early on Monday due to early release.
  10. Breakfast & Lunch: Good news! Due to Riverview Elementary being recognized as a Community Eligible Provision site, ALL students enrolled will receive free breakfast and lunch without having to apply for meal benefits. Breakfast will be served from 7:10am-7:40am. For the first three weeks of school, we will not be offering a snack option with lunch. After that point we will introduce a limited menu of one different snack each day.  Continuing this year, per district policy, parents and guests are not allowed to eat breakfast with their children. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Also, parents, if your child brings lunch from home, please make sure they are able to open the packages and items you send.
  11. Volunteers: We love our volunteers and need your help!  In order to volunteer, please apply on the district website at Volunteer Services / Hillsborough County Public Schools Volunteer Information ( This form must be completed and approved prior to you volunteering in any capacity on campus. PTA has many opportunities for you to help, especially with our monthly Sidewalk Sale. Your child’s teacher would also love for you to help in the classroom. Please contact them for ways in which you can help.
  12. Civility: At Riverview Elementary we follow Hillsborough County’s Code of Civility. In order to provide a safe, caring and orderly environment, we expect civility for ALL who engage in school activities. Mutual respect, professionalism and common courtesy are essential qualities that all need to demonstrate in promoting an educational environment free from disruptions, harassment, bullying and aggressive actions.  For more details and information, please see the information teachers will send home and also the Civility Code post on our website.
  13. Dress Code: At Riverview Elementary we follow Hillsborough County Dress Code. Students have the responsibility to dress and groom in such a manner so as to reflect cleanliness, modesty, safety and good taste; become familiar with and adhere to approved dress and grooming regulations of the School Board of Hillsborough County. Kindergarten – Fifth Grades
    1.  • Shoes shall be worn and be securely fastened to the feet and have a low heel height. Footwear must be suitable for outdoor physical education classes and unsafe shoes such as “skate tennis shoes” and “crocs” are not allowed. Shoes must be close toed on PE days and must always have straps to keep them securely fastened to their feet.
    2. • Clothing that exposes the entire shoulder, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or similar type clothing, may be worn only with a blouse or shirt. Clothing exposing the torso or the midriff, either front, back, or sides, shall not be worn. Underwear shall not be visible. Clothing shall not expose the mid-chest area. Mini-skirts, mini-dresses and short shorts are not permitted. Hemlines shall be no shorter than fingertip length. All pants and shorts shall be secured at the waist.
    3. • Head coverings shall not be worn in the building unless required for religious observance or health-related reasons.
    4. • Garments and/or jewelry that display or suggest sexual, vulgar, drug, gang, weapons, or alcohol-related wording or graphics, or that provoke violence or disruption in the school, shall not be worn. Wallet chains shall not be worn.
  14. Water Fountains and Personal Supplies: Water fill stations have been installed throughout campus for students to be able fill their own bottles. We will be providing each student with one water bottle for use this year. If your child wishes to bring their own in, please make sure that it is labelled with their name. Also, students should have a pouch or pencil box where they can keep all their daily supplies as they will not be allowed to share supplies in the classroom.
  15. The Clinic: We have a separate clinic room established which will be used for students with a fever or any flu-like/COVID symptoms. Parents will be contacted immediately, and we ask that you pick up your child ASAP if they display these types of symptoms. 
  16. Home Check: Please check in with your child every morning before going to school and if they are running a fever or not feeling well, please keep them at home.
  17. Buses: If your child rides a bus there are clear safety procedures that must be followed while riding the bus. It is especially important for all students to follow bus rules like staying in their seat and keeping hands to themselves. Please speak with your child about the importance these rules play in their safety during the ride on the bus. 
  18. Special Activities.  We are excited to have multiple special activities at Riverview Elementary! Please be sure to listen to your weekly phone calls from me and read your emails for weekly updates on what is happening at school. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this detailed explanation and please know we appreciate all your support as we begin this new year.  I hope that I have answered some of your questions but of course, you may have more.  Please feel free to call our main office at (813) 671-5105 if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Sincerely yours,                                  

Teri Madill


Riverview Elementary School