Grad Bash Information

The 2023 Grad Bash event is underway! Currently Universal Studios is completing final contracts for all high schools. Until such time, all information is regarded as an estimation. 
1)Estimated cost: $160 (cost of ticket to the event and transportation- students MUST ride the bus)
2)OFFICIAL date of Grad Bash- April 22. 7pm-2am. Students must be at school by 3:30pm (busses will leave at exactly 4pm!). Estimated time of arrival back to school is 4am on April 23rd. 
3)There is a limited number of tickets. There will be an estimated ticket of 155 tickets. Tickets are first come first serve and will be available on (Dates for tickets will be sometime around late February). (The limit on tickets is due to a shortage of busses. We were able to secure 3 busses).
Official information will be available late January, early February.